The Next Best Thing to Loving You (2012)   -   Sold Out

The Next Best Thing to Loving You explores the idea of staged vs. reality in photography, how a camera can be used as an excuse to create moments that never could have existed. A collective of both staged and ‘real’ intimacy, the 16 photographs feature projected desires onto models, friends and lovers, exploiting the camera’s ability to curate memories and using it to immortalise desired realities.

The Next Best Thing to Loving You by Jeff Hahn (2012)
Designers: Peter Ainsworth + Andrew Osman / Foreword: Ying Ang
8 double-sided posters, 300 x 229mm when folded. 100gsm offset, 115gsm silk. A5 300gsm Cyclus Offset tip-in card on cover (2 options).
First edition, 150 print run.

“That they lived once, these people with their sad eyes and flickering souls. And if they lived, then so did I, the counter-point to the frozen moment, the hidden spectre orchestrating, machinating, coaxing the vulnerable, the softness, the deep flowering of emotions that lie just beneath our exoskeleton of skin, to simmer over… just for me, like the handing over of a secret, from a warm dark place.” Ying Ang

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